An Action Plan for an Extended Communications Failure

Communication Conditions

Event Probable

First Indication of Potential Situation


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ComCon 4: Event Probable First indication of potential situation

ComCon 4 is to give yourself time to prepare and to modify your plans as the threat develops. You have some indication of the problems that may occur because of the threat on the horizon. Some aspects of your plan may be irrelevant, others may take on higher priority. Adapt and Overcome.

Verify all Information lists are current.

Not only that the information is valid, but that extras are available for others that can't seem to remember where they put their copy.

Advise group of change to ComCon4.

Contact everyone in your group. Be specific about what ComCon 4 means. Most will probably not want to interrupt their lives for something that is not directly impacting them RIGHT NOW. Have a prepared script that covers their responsibilities and the reason for the advisory. Odds are they will not be very interested.

Verify that the group understands the situation.

Consider follow up contacts to drive home the importance of the situation and if the threat worsens, how it will affect them. Be clear a­bout any changes from the protocol that you think are necessary because of the type of situation that may happen. Be sure they have up-to-date information sheets and that they have them in a quick access location. Get them new copies if theirs is obsolete or missing.

Wire line manual phone check.

Be sure the line is functional and that you have your POT (Plain Old Telephone) handy. Test it to be sure it works and also test it at the DEMARK point. If you are able to forward your phone if necessary, be sure you have the necessary commands. If your house is destroyed you may be able to forward your landline phone (using your POT in the DEMARK jack) to some other working phone.

Alternate power sources checked.

This means run the generator for 10 minutes or so. Be sure it works under load. Check the bigger batteries to be sure they are in tip-top charge state. Clean the solar panels and do anything else that will assure that your alternate power sources will be there when you need them.

GoBox ready for use.

Many folks have a specially constructed box containing equipment wired together and ready to go. Hence the name GoBox. Although not necessary, a GoBox means you won't have to spend time hooking things up and you will have everything you need to make it work. It usually contains one or more radios, a power supply and/or batteries, antennas, misc. diagnostic tools like SWR meters or antenna analyzers or whatever you think will be needed. It is a self contained station. More about GoBoxes later.

Batteries Charged.

Here we mean the actual batteries in the equipment, flashlights, cell phones etc. It also insures that you have the proper charging equipment available. The actual situation may be days or weeks away, but from now until the situation resolves, you need to pay strict attention to equipment batteries.

All equipment available and operational.

Go through you equipment list and be sure everything is there. If something is missing you have time to find/replace it. Later you will depend on having a screwdriver or some antenna adapter. Be sure everything is accounted for.

While you are at it, inspect, and I mean really look at, every piece of equipment. If it has any flaws, repair or replace.

Re-familiarize yourself with equipment protocols so they are fresh in your mind.

While going over your plan, pay particular attention to how it fits with the developing threat. If you decide to change anything, be sure everyone is aware of the change. It is important to keep everyone on the same plan.

Radios programmed with current data.

This should not be an issue because you have been paying attention to your local environment and updating frequencies as the changes are discovered (right?), however it is worth the time to check and verify.

Household records copied and safeguarded.

This should have been done long ago, but verify that the storage location is consistent with the type of threat. A basement vault is no good if you anticipate a major flood.

Phone Card valid and operational.

Not just the phone card,but all other similar items like credit cards and ID documents which may be needed later.

These are just suggestions. You will make up your own threat specific lists, adding things you see as important. Don't rely on your memory.

Now focus on the threat. Look for whatever you consider the trigger to move to ComCon 3 StandBy.

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