An Action Plan for an Extended Communications Failure

Communication Conditions

Stand By

High probability of situation in near future.


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ComCon 3 :Stand By:

High probability of situation in near future.

The time for planning and preparations is almost over. The threat is taking form and appears quite likely. ComCon3 is the transition point from preparations to action. Things are getting serious now.

Maintain high situational awareness.

The threat may increase quickly or change is some way. Don't succumb to the fear mongers. Form you own opinions based on many inputs. Seek input from others in your group and from neighbors and friends. Information is critical.

Keep group members aware.

They still have a life to lead and are probably not as focused on the threat. Keep them advised and prompt them to be ready for the next step.

Warn outside contacts of impending threat and verify their participation.

Your contact in San Francisco may not be critically aware of the hurricane in Florida. Be sure they are going to be available. They might not have told you about the once in a lifetime trip they are about to take. Outside contacts are very valuable. Insure yours are included.

Contact Friends/Neighbors and share plans.

Evaluate their situation. See who will be assets and who will be liabilities. Where are their strengths and weak points. In a large disaster you will be very dependent on others. It is probably too late to create any community response, but at the very least, be aware of and anticipate problem people.

Move all equipment and materials to deploy points.

Dig that stuff out of the attic and basement. Get it together and deployed to the planned locations. Check it out and be sure it is all accounted for. There is a section about storage and now is when you will appreciate some of the things we suggest. They may not make sense yet but some are; Check the color flags and IOU's. Assign box numbers. Check ID's and Logos.

You will of course make up your own items under this ComCon, but the above sort of outline the requirements. Get it all ready and wait. From now until it is over you won't have time to find or fix.

Next step is to turn it on and verify it is operational.

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